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Websites Types

A website is a collection of pages that contain different types of data. There are two types of websites – static and dynamic. A static site is the most basic type of website. Normally a static website does not require any programming or database. A Dynamic website is a combination of scripting, html code, and a database backend.

The content of a website can be anything like text, graphics, and videos. A combination of these elements provide some kind of useful information depending on the purpose of the website. The following is a list of websites used for different purposes.

Brochure type website

The purpose of a brochure website is to provide information about a business. The content is usually information about the business, its nature, products, services, location, opening hours and contact details. It is a static website and can have about 4-5 pages like, home, about us, our products, location and contact us.

e-Commerce website

The purpose of an e-Commerce (electronic commerce) website is to reach the online market and do business over the internet. Use an e-Commerce website to sell products and/or services online. Normally this type of website includes detail information about the products and/or services. It also includes pictures and options for selecting single or multiple products. This type of website may have one or more payment gateways to process online transactions.

Educational website

Educational institutions or related organizations use this type of websites to provide information about education and the courses they offer. It may have features like user registration, program information, and school information. Users of these websites are usually students, teachers, and prospective students.

Information website

The purpose of an information website is to provide information about any particular subject. Use this type of website to focus on specific keywords. An information website will contain many articles on different topics. A blog is a good example of this type of website.

Landing Page

A landing page is a lead generation single page website, also known as a “lead capture page”. A landing page is great for a quick summary of services, products, or simply information on a specific topic. It is also a great for online advertisement.

Personal website

The purpose of a personal website is to exhibit an individual’s profile. A Personal website may contain range of information about a particular individual such as personal information, interests, educational information, professional experience, portfolio, testimonials, links to social media and contact information. These kinds of websites are very useful for freelance workers to showcase their work and also professionals to have an online presence.

Social Media website

Social media is a popular way of social communication. This type of website normally accepts user registrations and lets them have their own profile in the website. Users can upload and share contents with others. Users can also engage with those contents and with other users.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System is a web-based dynamic system used to manage contents of a website. It normally has a user-friendly interface to add, modify or remove contents displayed in a website. This type of website allows users with little technical knowledge perform most tasks easily. A CMS is used for all types of websites discussed above but will add many features at no additional cost for its development.