Web Hosting

Small Business Network Administrators now offers 3- and 6-month web hosting billing cycles with great discounts on dedicated servers

Starting today, you can make use of 3- and 6-month billing cycles that will bring super discounts on the most powerful of all web hosting services on our platform.

If the 3-month billing cycle is selected, a pleasing 10% discount will be applied to the given server’s monthly price right away. And if you select the 6-month billing period, the discount will be twice as big – 20% OFF the default monthly price.

3- and 6 month Billing Cycle

To visualize the new billing periods and the corresponding discounts, we’ve added a brand new billing period selector to the Atom, AMD and Xeon configuration tables themselves.

From there, you will be able to switch between the different billing periods, to compare the prices and to choose the payment option that suits current budget.

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