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Smart home

Life gets simpler and your unify home functions better with smart technology throughout – systems for music, climate, video, lighting and monitoring, all easily controlled from a smartphone, tablet, keypad or touch panel. Technology is getting more intuitive, so you can effortlessly control whatever is required throughout your whole home or in just one area. Let us help you add convenience, comfort and peace of mind to your home, whether it’s for a new build, a remodel or retrofit.

CCTV installation and services

Today, a huge variety of CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems from entry level for self-installation to “all-in-one” and very advanced professional digital high definition systems are available. Our experience dictates that only the high-quality equipment will give you the results that you expect. For more than 11 years STT Security has installed and maintained surveillance systems in Canada and the US. Our systems have a solid track record of years of reliable service. We only recommend professional grade sets of CCTV cameras and network video recorders that allow to record video signal 24/7 all year round in any weather condition. With the new 3D technology active noise reduction and high-speed image processor stability and reliability are a certainty. Our security cameras are equipped with anti-fog filter, improving visibility. We also have three image modes including two night vision modes. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Access control

As the first line of defense against property theft and damage, access control is the foundation for good security. The concept of access control is about letting authorized personnel in and keeping unauthorized personal out! There are as many access control systems and technologies: from straightforward deadbolts for residential properties to card readers for corporate offices to sophisticated biometric systems for high security areas. The “key” to finding the right solution is to balance the organization’s security requirements with the need for ease of use.

Sweep search

Do you suspect that YOUR PRIVACY is being compromised? Do you have a feeling that you’re being watched or listened to? Does you get the impression that some one knows where you are 24/7, do you suspect that your cellphone or your computer is being hacked? Do you feel the need to protect your identity, business, and people close to you?

Active site monitoring

STT Security Is A Worldwide Video Monitoring Company That Specializes In Real-Time Video Surveillance Of Critical Areas