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Are you ready to start your business but feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to prioritize?

Want to start connecting with your target audience on social media but don’t know which channels are best? Are you looking for guidance to accelerate your business growth? Do you want to receive valuable advice, feedback, and learn while developing your business?

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Being your own boss is deliberating, exciting and inspiring.
It also comes with challenges.

When you run your business, it’s up to you to set priorities and make decisions. Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or not, you may encounter situations where you need a second opinion or expert advice.


My mentorship program can help you start an online business, implement processes and systems to build or improve your operations.

I help you write your brand story, build your social media presence and a thriving community.

Mentorship means clarity, accountability, achieving your goals faster and receiving regular guidance and feedback.

Four-week business mentorship program


Designed to help you get your business up and running, or help you focus on pain points when you feel stuck in your business. The program is available for both one-on-one sessions and small groups.

During the 4-week Business Mentorship Program, you will:


  • Work with a weekly framework of actionable steps and receive constructive feedback
  • Define your brand value, your vision and mission as a brand
  • Create your brand tone of voice so that you can connect with your audience
  • Conduct market research and gain a better understanding of the market you operate in. Analyse your competitors and find inspiration on the market.
  • Define your ideal customer and get clarity on where and how to connect with them.
  • Get guidance on how to create your visual branding without previous design skills
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy that meets your business goals
  • Construct your digital marketing strategy with actionable steps and understand how to keep track of your own performance.
4 Week Mentorship Program

With weekly one-to-one mentoring calls, tools, resources and assignments, you’ll gain key insight and effective strategies to turn your business idea into a successful reality.

Who do I work with?

I work with a diverse range of female entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups – from retail, education, arts & crafts, recruitment, leadership coaching brands to healthcare and real estate.

You might be looking to launch your business to change your lifestyle, or you might want to create a more flexible schedule so that you can work from home. Whatever the source of your inspiration, I am on hand to help you build your brand awareness, increase visibility with your target audience, and generate your sales through effective and informative content.

Whether you’re looking to take the next steps in changing your career or transforming your dream business into a reality, this mentorship program equips you with the tools you need to understand how to run your business successfully.

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What others are saying

Katie was able to finally leave her 9-5 job

“I was finally able to quit my job and start my own business and work from home.”

I was stuck in a job that I did not like for years, and finally, I had the confidence to take the next step and start my business. I signed up for EJ’s mentorship program, and she guided me through the steps from the beginning. She outlined all the steps, kept me on track and helped me focus on what needed to be done.

Katie P.

Mum of two small children runs her own business and works from home

“I was due to return to work after maternity leave, and I was dreading it. I needed more time at home with my kids, and I wanted to change how I work. I had a business idea, but I didn’t know where to start. I signed up for EJ’s mentorship program, and she helped me build my brand and start selling my products online.
I have no intention to go back to work for someone else again.”

– Joanne H.

A small business owner needed structure and strategy to run her business.

“I work as a wellness coach and fitness instructor, and I wanted to build my clientele instead of working for someone else. I joined EJ’s mentorship program, and she helped me create a clear structure in my business, helped me understand how to connect with my target customers, and build my community. My services are booked three months in advance, and my community is thriving.”

– Kelly T.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Brand Audit take?

It usually takes 7 working days. You receive a questionnaire, and once you’ve worked through answering the details to your best knowledge, we connect for a 30 minutes call to clarify the details and ensure my understanding of your goals and expectations for your business. You should receive the report 7 days later with a follow-up call.

Are we connecting in person?

Yes, the Mentorship Program includes 4x 45 minutes calls (one per week). We can connect via Zoom or Skype.

Is the fee is a subscription or a one-time fee?

The fee for the Mentorship Program is not a membership program. You can pay in one sum or 2 payment instalments.  

What services are not included in this program?

Graphic design, web design and product design. Although I am able to help you with suggestions for resources and guidance on how to create your brand visuals, website or your products, I am not able to help you with the actual creation process because simply that is out of the scope of what I do.

Will we do the steps together?

You will receive clear, step-by-step guidance on how to proceed, and you will have to execute the tasks. I will be there as your accountability partner to support you, give you feedback and advice.